frequently asked questions


Q1 can i work anywhere in the world

answer Yes as long as you have access to a computer with Internet and email facilities along with the ability to follow written instructions and are 18 or older you can work .

Q2 is their a time limit in which i have to complete assignments

Members need to have any or all assignments submitted
by the 28th of each month (unless stated otherwise)

Q3 do i need to purchase software or materials to able to work with you

No we supply you with everything you need to work at home successfully with your regular
assignments.If you want to purchase software for some assignments we would have to approve it first.

Q4 how often will i be issued assignments

answer You will have access to assignments at all times. They will be listed in your online assignments area for you to complete at your own pace within the specified time frame. New assignments are added on the 1st of every month.
Bonus assignments are ongoing and can be redone. If they are to
be changed you will be notified.

Q5 when do i get paid
answer Payments are sent out immediately once your account reaches $100. Paypal payments have no minimum amount required for payouts and are paid out as soon as we receive and grade your final report.
Q6 how will you send payment

Payments are sent by paypal, check to your postal address or by direct deposit to your bank account or western union/moneygram .

Q7 i have never worked from home will you provide instructions

Yes we provide simple step by step tutorials with image and video instructions. No prior experience is required to be able to work with us.
if i register in a position can i upgrade or join another program later

Yes you can upgrade any typist position or register in any other position at a later date.

Q9 do you offer members support if i am in trouble

Yes our staff is available to help you in any way they can 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Q10 are there any skill to required to work
answer You must be 18 or older, have internet access, read and write English, have the ability to follow written instructions and have basic typing skills.

Q11 how long does one form take to submit
answer Normally it takes at the most 1 Minute to fill a single form, However using our Form Filling Software it will only take 10-15 seconds only to fill the form. Form filling software will be provided free of cost to you.
Q12 how much do i get for a single a single form

There are different forms in the members area so it depend on which forms you fill. You will be paid from .10 cents up to $2 per form.
does the form have to be clicked on to get paid or do we have to generate a sale before we get paid

No. You do not need any clicks or sales in order to get paid. You get paid for every ad posted whether it's clicked on or not.
However, some assignments will also pay you additionally for clicks and sales (depending on your package). So for some assignments you will be paid for posting the ad, plus for clicks , plus for any sales generated. So you can get paid 3 ways for an ad that only takes seconds to post. You can possibly make up to $20 for a single ad posted.

Q14 are there any limitation for the no . of forms i submit daily

You will be able to submit a large amount of forms per month if you are a combo typist, form filling typist, or Basic Typist. The higher the package, the more forms you will be able to submit. Research assistants and email List Compilers will have some limitations, however, you can always upgrade.

Q15 whats the procedure of doing form filling job

answer The Job is very simple, As soon as you get registered with us, within 24-48hrs. your account will be activated. All members are required to sign our user agreement before beginning. Then you will get your Job details and login information emailed to you to begin.
You will receive full direction, tools and a list of forms/ads to fill along with the details which you have to input in forms, + Form Filling Software. Just open each form on internet browser, input the details as instructed by us & click the submit button.

Q16 do have to make any further payment while filing the forms

No. The forms are free and there are no additional charges incurred.

Q17 how will you know that i have submitted the online form

This information will be submitted in your monthly report which will include the ad number, link etc.. On an average a single form filling job should not take more than 20 seconds.
Q18will i get paid if submit less than 150 forms in a particular month
No. You are required to at least submit 150 forms for one month in order to receive payment
Q19 will our account get close if we dont submit a particular no of forms in a day /month

No. It is your choice if you want to do any work or not. But by the end of the particular month, minimum forms submitted should be at least 150 ads (1 assignment) if you want to get paid. However, we do not close accounts if you choose not to do work

Q20 what"s the the mode of receiving payment for the completed job work

You'll get paid by whichever mode of payment you choose. You will be able to add how you want to be paid in your first report. You can change the payout method anytime within 2 weeks of payment scheduling .

Q21 what will i do
After registration/payment you will be sent a user agreement you must sign. Then we will email access and detailed instructions on what to do step by step. It's very simple & time saving with our software provided, you can start at any time and work a few hours a day in your spare time. After you register with us, we'll send your login and activate your membership within 24 hours after agreement is signed.

Q22 how i am going to know whether my work is accepted or not
We will send an email. It will be your responsibility to read all of the guidelines before posting as they will be provided to you and if you are unsure about something you must email us. Work corrections are not done overnight, as we have to go over everything. All you need to do is make sure you are typing the text correctly and following the specified guidelines. Once you submit the assignment we will email you a confirmation email that is was received. You will get one additional chance to make any corrections to your assignment before the final grade.

Q23 how much assignments can i do daily , what will be my work load
answer You can do as much as you want daily but you must do one assignment at a time. Not a little bit of one and a bit of another. You have many assignments available to you at all times, so you will always have plenty of work available.
Q24 how much time do i get to complete each assignment

You have 28 days to complete your assignments before the new assignments come in.

Q25 what if i dont complete the assignment
Any assignment that is turned in incomplete will not be accepted. You must complete the assignment you chose to do in the members area and it must be the correct assignment details as well to get credit.
Q26 what if i complete more than monthly maximum assignments limit allowed
answer You will not be credited. It is your responsiblity to keep track of your work and to not go over the monthly maximum.

Q27 do i have to submit my work all at once or do i turn them in separately
answer You must turn in each assignment separately & in order. It makes it easier for us to correct.

Q28 will there be any problem with different ip address as i am doing half of the work from home and rest from office .

answer No, there won't be any problem, as long as you specify this in the beginning. However, you must tell us the location. We track all locations by IP to make sure it is not being done by someone else. Just make sure you are not re-distributing your work to others. If we detect the job is done by other people you risk losing your account.

Q29 after submitting the assignments what will be role of company

Once you submit the work it is then transferred to our checking department who make sure that the work has no mistakes. After turning in your assignment we check for mistakes. We then give you a second chance to do any corrections needed.
Q30 what will be the working hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime in other words.
Q31 how is the accuracy is calculated


It is measured by submitting the correct information from the correct assignment. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. We are not going to withhold your earnings just because you misspelled a word but it would be a warning. If you did it 3 times or more than you would not get credited for that ad form.

Q32 in every assignment what type of mistakes /errors will be counted

Normally errors like spelling mistakes, commas(,), full stops (.) will be counted as errors

Q33 after submitting the work if i feel that i made some mistakes in it can i resubmit the same
Yes, we grade it and return it to you telling you which numbers need to be redone. This is a second chance to fix any mistakes as long as it is turned in before the deadline.

Q34 when do i get my payment after completing the given work

Payments are sent out immediately to all members who reach payout of at least $100. Paypal payouts are instant after your final report is graded with no minimum amount of earnings required.

Q35 for every valid assignment , how much do i get paid
answer For every successfully corrected Assignment you will be paid the amount that assignment is worth. Usually .10 per form (Depending on assignment)

Q36 do i have to pay any taxes or will the company deduct nay tax from my total monthly income

We won't be deducting any type of taxes from your payment. It will be your responsibility to file your own taxes at tax time as we have nothing to do with that.

Q37 what will be the mode of payment , how long will it take to receive my payment
answer Mode of payment is what you choose. Paypal, Direct bank transfer, check by mail, western union/moneygram. Payments are sent out immediately after final report is graded. (Except for paypal) you must earn $100 minimum to receive payments.

Q38 will i get the chance to see my report if i made any mistakes and why my assignment was declined
Yes. Within 15 working days you will get a graded copy that is numbered with your mistakes which you will be able to fix. We give you 2 weeks to fix and return. Payments are sent out right after 2nd report is turned in. ( we grade them the same day.) However, Assignments that are turned in incomplete or if it's the wrong assignment will be automatically disqualified.
Q39 what will be contract period of work

It's a 12 Month Contract for all positions except for franchise and combo.
Q40 will i get work continuously every month
Yes, there is plenty of work for you to do every month.

[1] If any member violates any of the terms & conditions of this site or company than his/her account will be suspended or terminated (depending on the severity of the problem).

[2] If operator is re-distributing work to other people his/her account will be terminated.

[3] If anyone puts bad press about us because they get angry their account will be instantly terminated.

[4] If you share your username password login with anyone this is grounds for instant termination.

Q41 can i distribute the work to my friends , colleagues or relatives and get completed from them
No sorry, as redistribution of work is not allowed. The work should be completed by a person who is filling the registration form & signing Contract papers. Redistribution of work is not allowed because its against company policy. Redistribution can lead to further selling of work to other parties at different rates which will be misleading to people and spoiling the name of company. If we suspect you are doing this it could lead to instant termination, so please do not risk losing your account.

Q42 why charge a registration fee

answer Each membership would cost us additional money which would eventually defeat the purpose of being in business and put everyone out of work. Each member must cover their own fees. The registration covers training, tools, software, organizing, work file management, record keeping, assignment grading & all back office administrative labor costs.
People do not realize that without the registration fee in place we would not be able to offer this opportunity. We provide you with only real, genuine data typing work. In reality, It is a small amount to pay for what you profit in return.

Q43 after paying registartion fee fees do i have to search or contact any other companies for work

No. Once you pay the registration fees, within 24hrs-48hrs(Maximum) your account will be activated so you can start working right away and will be available 28 days a month. We are not like others who after taking registration fees just give you job links to apply to. This is the job where you get paid directly by us. You get exactly what you see in the Demo work.

Q44 how can i trust your website ?because i have been cheated and scammed by many fake data entry websites
This is a very likely questions asked by every customer. Of course everyone will tell you they are real. Regarding our company we have been around for more than 10 years & have 1000's of paid members of our program with ZERO complaints. You can easily search on Google and you won't find anything bad about us. But check any other data entry job and you will see 100's of complaints on them.

Q45 is their any type of tax thats going to be deducted
No we won't be deducting any type of tax from your income. It will be fully your responsiblity to file your own taxes at tax time.

Q46 do you offer refunds

We do not offer refunds due to the non-tangible conditions of our products. However, if you are not happy with the program we will happily give you access to any other of our 3 programs of your choice free of charge. (This does not include form filling or any typist packages.)
Q47 ok i am ready to work what to day know

Great! You have made a very wise decision. To get started first you have to select any of the work plans to get registered with these companies on our online server by paying a Non Refundable Registration Fees of -

Research Assistant: $50
E-Mail List Compiler: $60
Research Email Typist: $80
Form Filling Job: $95
Basic Typist Job: $100
Combo Typist: $200